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Video Release Schedule - Week of 26 April 2021

This is a huge week as the official release date of Creo Parametric 8.0 happens on Wednesday. There are a lot of videos this week!

Monday, April 26th: Windchill - Exporting a Product Structure

Tuesday, April 27th: Sheetmetal Quilt Forms

Wednesday, April 28th: CREO 8.0 RELEASE DAY!

6am PDT: Creo 8.0 Video 1: 5 Part Mode Enhancements

Thursday, April 29th

6am PDT: Creo 8.0 Video 3: Assembly Mode Enhancements

3pm PDT: Creo 8.0 Video 4: Drawing Mode Enhancements

Friday, April 30th: Creo 8.0 Video 5: Hole Feature Enhancements

Saturday, May 1st: SolidWorks - Creo Parametric Comparison - ???

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and ring the bell to be informed when new videos are released!


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