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Your business doesn't need Facebook

In January I decided I needed to change my relationship with Facebook. I won't go into all the reasons here - the 2016 election and their inability to take responsibility, their lies about privacy, their lies about the "pivot to video," and so on. While I haven't deleted my personal account, I did delete one business account and decided to stop updating the Creo Windchill page. On the personal side, I decided to limit myself to one post per month and one visit per week. I've only posted twice this year and haven't visited the site or used the app in weeks.

I used to believe the hype that your business needs a page and that one like was equivalent to a dollar in revenue. By the way, I never saw evidence of the latter.

It turns out my business is doing better than ever without Facebook. (Don't tell anyone, but here's the secret of what really made a difference in my business prosperity: YouTube.)

Also interesting, I took a look at my website analytics. The referral source that results in the highest bounce rate (people who visit the site, look at one page, and leave) is Facebook. So abandoning Facebook didn't hurt my business and the customers I get from there tend to be the least effective for my business.


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