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I'm in Boston for LiveWorx. I go to check in to my hotel last night for two nights and it's literally straight from The Simpsons: "In accordance with overbooking our hotel, our hotel is overbooked and you're going to have to stay at another hotel tonight."

They did book another hotel, but it's a serious pain staying for one night, checking out, checking your bags, and then checking into another hotel.

I'll never stay at The Element next to the Boston Convention Center again. Mental note: be sure to write a lot of bad reviews today.

As a concession, they said I could still take advantage of their free breakfast. I go there in the morning, and it's the usual SAD (Standard American Diet) breakfast: pancakes, bagels, toast, fruit, juice. In other words, carbs and sugar. Or in other words, sugar.

There's a waffle bar. This guy walks up to it, and he's not looking great in the morning. (If you're not looking and feeling great in the morning, most likely it's your diet.) He looks at the waffle bar, with its fruit and whipped cream, and he says, "Wow, whole wheat."

The cook manning the griddle replies, "Yes, we try to keep it healthy here."

Advertising works. For the record, wheat is enriched because that's the only way it can legally be sold or served as food. And there's nothing healthy about whole grains.

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