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7 Million Minutes and 15,000 Subscribers

Last week the Creo Parametric YouTube channel passed 7 million minutes of watch time and 15,000 subscribers!

Here is what 7 million minutes converts to if viewed by a single person:

  • 116,666.7 hours

  • 4,861.1 days

  • 13.35 years

Whenever we reach these viewing milestones, I like to express them in terms of how much technical support and training that it would equate to in the real world. After all, I started the channel because I felt there was a more efficient way to help end users than one-on-one assistance covering the same issues over and over.

  • 14,583.3 work days

  • 2,916.7 work weeks

  • 58.3 work years

It's more support than I could provide in my work career (and also longer than I've been alive). It's the equivalent of providing support since the JFK administration.

Thanks to all the subscribers and viewers!


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