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One-Sided Silent Fight

Years ago I was talking to my best friend and explained that he was having troubles with his girlfriend. "We're in a one-sided silent fight."

"What the heck is that?" I asked.

First he explained that he was being completely ridiculous and dysfunctional. It's when you're mad at someone, and for whatever reason you opt not to do the adult thing: address the issue and engage in a discussion with the other person.

Instead, in the one-sided silent fight, you don't tell them about your anger or dissatisfaction, and you continue to act towards them as if you've had a confrontation over the disagreement that didn't resolve anything.

I admit that I have taken that passive-aggressive approach with people - and I'm trying to be better.

I mention this because on my YouTube channel I get a lot of questions from viewers asking if PTC is implementing one enhancement or another.

The answer is usually "I don't know" unless PTC has announced that enhancement in some kind of public forum like a LiveWorx panel or an official blog post.

Then I ask the person if they have suggested the enhancement on PTC Community, which is the avenue to speak directly to the Creo and Windchill program managers at PTC to inform them of the changes you want to see in the software.

Their response is almost invariably 'no.' In other words, they've got this idea, they're keeping it to themselves, and they're wondering why it's not getting implemented in the software. The one-sided silent fight never accomplishes anything unless what you really want is to feel anger and resentment towards the other party.

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