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2019 YouTube Year End Summary

It's New Year's Day 2020, so let's see how the Creo Parametric YouTube channel did compared to the goals I set one year ago.

Videos: Goal 250. Actual 358. 143% of goal.

Subscribers: Goal 600. Actual 3,829. 638% of goal.

Viewing Minutes. Goal 200,000. Actual 1,073,388. 537% of goal.

For 2020, I plan on continuing my release schedule of 3 videos a week until I hit the channel's second birthday, which should put me around 475 videos. At that point I plan on changing the release schedule to twice weekly. Quite honestly, I'm wondering how many more Creo Parametric videos I have left. How many total videos do you need to provide a comprehensive understanding of Creo? I don't know. Even adding Onshape to the mix, there's a finite number of videos to make until I'll just be covering software updates and any other additional modules I acquire.

Bottom line, at the end of 2020, I aim for 500 total videos.

For subscribers, I'm thinking big. Let's go for 10,000, more than 2.5 times my current number. That means averaging 16 subscribers a day, which is not impossible.

For viewing minutes, let's go for 3 million total. That is also attainable.

Viewing minutes is a pretty important metric to me for how much the channel helps people. (From a financial perspective, views are what matters, not minutes. I'll discuss that in another post.) My total viewing minutes for the 16 months of the channel's existence comes out to 745 days of viewing, or 2.04 years. Converting viewing minutes to direct one-on-one technical support, assuming 40 hour work weeks and 50 weeks per year, that comes out to 8.94 years of assistance. YouTube really is a force multiplier for tech support.

And as always, thanks to all my viewers. This channel wouldn't exist without you and I appreciate everyone watching, subscribing, and sharing.

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