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11,000 Subscribers!

The Creo Parametric YouTube channel just passed 11,000 subscribers! Coincidentally, it also had its biggest viewing day yesterday, the equivalent of over 34 work days. (I always think of the channel in terms of how much one-on-one technical support I could provide in my former roles as a Creo and Windchill administrator.)

Usually there's a simple explanation for the highest viewing day, like the release of Creo 6 or 7 or the first Mold Design video dropping. I can't point to any specific event that would explain yesterday's record.

Thanks for watching. Lots of great videos coming in the next few weeks, including a five-part series on a complicated mold design, Additive Manufacturing, BMX, Options Modeler, ISDX, and Mechanism Dynamics!

As always, if you want to help the channel, subscribe, like the videos, and share the channel with your friends and co-workers.

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