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We provide consulting services in the following areas:

CAD Modeling

Part design, assembly modeling, 2D production drawings, Model Based Definition (MBD).


Parametric Surfacing tools: Boundary Blends, Sweeps, Swept Blends. Freeform Surfacing in ISDX. Subdivisional modeling using the Freestyle feature.

Creo Schematics Setup and Configuration
Creo Parametric Setup and Configuration

Start parts, start assemblies, and drawing templates. Creo startup configurations. Creo Parametric configuration of the User Interface, ribbons, and menus.

Set up your Central Catalog of Blocks, Groups, Fibers, Datatables, and other objects to get you up and running for designing Routed Systems.

Top Down Design

The best way to build Design Intent into your assemblies and products. Use techniques to define Product Structure, create Skeleton Models, and communicate geometry using Data Sharing features. Capture critical dimensions and parameters using Notebooks. Manage External References.


Route wire cables and harnesses in your 3D model to generate accurate and complete production drawings.

CAD Data Management

Healthy practices for managing CAD documents in Windchill.

BOM Management

Managing the Product Structure of your models including the Engineering Bill of Materials (eBOM) and Manufacturing Bill of Materials (mBOM) in Windchill.

Change Management

Implement effective use of Problem Reports, Change Requests, and Change Notices in a closed loop system.

Configuration Management

Tracking the As Designed, As Built, and As Maintained configurations of your products including techniques such as serialization and variances (deviations and waivers).

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