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Video Release Schedule for the Week of 14 June 2021

Monday, June 14 - Windchill MPMLink - Creating Plants for Process Plans

Tuesday, June 15 - Custom Hole Charts - Callout Format

Wednesday, June 16 - Onshape Geometric Tolerances

Thursday, June 17 - Thicken Command

Saturday, June 19 - SolidWorks - Creo Parametric Comparison: Mass Properties

Special announcement: starting in August, the release schedule will be changing to 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

A little background: in 2020, I announced that I would be reducing to a twice-a-week release schedule. I felt then (as I do now) that I had covered pretty much everything that I wanted to in Creo.

Since then, I started creating videos in Windchill... then Onshape again... and now SolidWorks. My release schedule increased to 5 times a week, which was doable during the peak of the pandemic. I had been in self-isolation for 7 months, from October through April.

But now I am fully vaccinated. The weather is beautiful. People are re-entering the world. I am spending a lot of time reconnecting with friends and babysitting two adorable little girls. It's time to ramp down the videos and for everyone to spend more time with their community.

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