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4 Million Viewing Minutes!

Yesterday, the Creo Parametric YouTube channel passed 4 million viewing minutes! It hit one million last December 16th, so that's 3 million viewing minutes in less than a year.

4 million minutes translates to:

  • 66,666.7 hours

  • 2,777.8 days

  • 7.6 years

But as I have mentioned several times, I started the channel as a means of providing more effective technical support to end users. Here is what that equates to:

  • 8,333 work days

  • 1,666 work weeks

  • 33.3 work years! That's a third of a century!

Once again, thanks to all the viewers and subscribers. I keep saying that I am ramping down the channel, but I have some exciting stuff planned for 2021. I am currently at 564 videos. I always thought it would be hard to do more than 600 videos. But in 2021 I will have videos in new areas like Mold Design, Mechanism Dynamics, Additive Manufacturing, Behavioral Modeling, Creo Layout, Creo ANSYS Simulation, and more. Plus there will be more Windchill, Mathcad, and Onshape videos. Stay tuned!

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