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2018 YouTube Channel Summary

To help spread knowledge about Creo Parametric, in September 2018 I launched the Creo Parametric YouTube channel. I love writing books, but I realized I could reach more people through video than words.

I set year-end goals for myself of 75 videos, 75 subscribers, and 10,000 viewing minutes. I’m happy to say that on December 31st, I had:

  • 92 videos (123% of goal)

  • 129 subscribers (172% of goal)

  • 20,677 viewing minutes (206% of goal)

For 2019, I’m setting much more aggressive goals: 250 videos, 600 subscribers, and 200,000 viewing minutes.

For those of you following me on Facebook, be aware I will no longer be announcing new videos there; more on that to follow. (I’ve already deleted my author page and am considering unpublishing or deleting the Creo Windchill page.) If you want to be informed when new videos are uploaded, please Subscribe using the button on this page and ring the bell for notifications.

Most of all, thanks to anyone who has watched any of my videos. People have a lot of choices when it comes to content, and I sincerely appreciate anyone who has spent any of their time watching my stuff.


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