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Blue Origin Mission 9

As you may know, my day job is Senior CAD and PLM Administrator for Blue Origin. Today we had our ninth launch (Mission 9, or M9) in which we conducted a high-altitude escape of the Crew Capsule after separation from the Propulsion Module.

About 400 of us were allowed to fly up to two ounces of personal items in one of the payload lockers. You can see my items here:

Those are necklaces belonging to the daughters of my good friend, as well as (obviously) seeds. The tomato seeds are going to my mother. As for the sunflower seeds, the great thing about them is that I can plant a couple myself, and give the rest away to friends one at a time. (If I remember correctly, the packet felt like it had a lot of seeds in it.)

As of today, these truly are Space Seeds... anyone who knows Star Trek gets the reference.


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