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1.5 Million Viewing Minutes!

Back on December 16, 2019, after 15 months of operation, the Creo Parametric YouTube channel hit one million viewing minutes.

Yesterday, March 6, 2020, less than three months later, the channel achieved 1.5 million viewing minutes.

First of all, thanks to everyone who has viewed my videos. This channel exists for you and wouldn't exist without you.

Here's what 1.5 million viewing minutes translates if a single person were watching:

  • 25,000 hours

  • 1041.7 days

  • 148 weeks

  • 2.86 years

I often translate viewing minutes into the equivalent one-on-one technical support:

  • 3125 work days

  • 625 work weeks

  • 13 work years

This is why I'm such a believer in the power of YouTube and video for CAD learning and support. It really is a force multiplier for product development organizations.

Thanks again for supporting the channel!

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